Favorite Twitter Feeds

I was searching for some interesting Twitter feeds to mix things up a little and thought I would list some of my current favorites here for anyone looking to add to theirs.

My Feeds
Engadget – Good source of tech news
MacRumors – Latest Apple related rumors
Leo Laporte – This Week in Tech host
Patrick Norton – Tekzilla host
Kevin Pereira – Attack of the Show host
Kevin Rose – Diggnation founder
Alex Albrecht – Diggnation co-host
Chris Pirillo – Lots of good tech news and info
Veronica Belmont – Tekzilla host
Chris Hardwick – G4 correspondent/nerdist.com
Digg 2000 – Stories that reach 2000 diggs
Sarah Lane – This Week in Fun host
Ubuntu Geek – Ubuntu news and tips
Jimmy Fallon – Comedian and host of the Late Show w/ Jimmy Fallon
Jim Norton – Comedian
Jim Gaffigan – Comedian
Chelsea Lately – Chelsea Lately host
TMZ – Hollywood news and info
Tiny Buddha – Inspirational quotes
Tony Robbins – Always inspirational with helpful info to better yourself
Rob Dyrdek – Skater and star of Fantasy Factory
John Mayer – Never had any of his cds but am entertained by his humor
CNN Breaking News – Latest CNN breaking news
Current News – CurrentTV
Alaska HDTV– Keeps me up to date on Alaska HDTV episodes and info
Conor Knighton– Host of Infomania

This isn’t a comprehensive list of the best Twitter feeds, but simply the ones I find enjoyable and useful. Feel free to suggest others you think might be interesting, useful, or funny.


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