Toys aren’t just for kids

Randall figurine I decided to raid my daughter’s toys today looking for things I can shoot. I ran across a few figurines that I believe came out of happy meals, and I figured they would do in a pinch. I don’t remember the exact setup of this shot but I believe I had the figure sitting on white foam core with a flash behind it to camera left, and an LED light in front shining upwards. There also is a white sheet to the right which may have provided the slightest bit of light reflection. After I shot and went through the pics I had made so many changes that I lost track of how each individual shot was constructed. There is a little work afterwords, with contrast, saturation, and exposure.



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2 responses to “Toys aren’t just for kids

  1. Great capture! Nice comp too! I don’t remember him smiling so sweetly in the movie!

  2. Foto

    Thanks much : ) I had fun with this one

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