In need of a wide angle lens

Tokina 11-16 vs Tokina 12-24. You would think that once you get it narrowed down to two choices, the decision would become easier, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I have read many very good reviews on the 12-24, and it seems to be a solid choice for an UWA lens with an f/4 aperture throughout. This would be a great choice if I wasn’t also interested in doing interior photography.
The Tokina 11-16 has basically no range but gives you a constant f/2.8 aperture which could prove useful shooting indoors. I don’t plan on shooting dimly lit concerts and I would be using multiple lights to adequately light interiors, so would the 2.8 be crucial or not? I would also like to be able to use the lens for landscape pics (obviously) and for shooting automobiles, which I think the 12-24 would be just fine for.
At the moment I am trying to judge based on people’s reviews whether one has a noticeable difference in sharpness or not. It seems that the 11-16 has a little more chromatic aberration, and although it’s possible, I don’t want to spend all day removing it from all my photos if it can be avoided.
Ugh…I think I need to go read some more reviews. If anyone has experience with these two lenses or just wants to throw their opinion my way please feel free. (Just for the record I am shooting with a Canon 40D (1.6x crop) and my current lenses are the 50mm f/1.8 II, 100mm macro, and the kits lens which is a 28-135mm.)



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5 responses to “In need of a wide angle lens

  1. I have not used any of the Tokina lenses so I can’t help with your choice. I just wanted to chime in and say that I have a Canon 17-40mm wide angle and it’s an awesome lens!
    Good luck with your quest and let us know how the Tokina works out!

  2. Foto

    Are you trying to kill me? lol Giving me another lens to look at! haha Thanks for the info…I will have to go check that out.

  3. I only have that one because I won it at I would have not been able to get it on my own. It’s got a nice price tag.

    I’m hoping to get a Canon 85mm prime to add to my kit next time I shop for camera gear.

  4. I’ve shot their 24-70 2.8 and love it. It’s on my Nikon more than any other. I’d go with the faster glass if I were you. Not that you will want to open up to 2.8 but at f4 the 11-16 will be sharper than the 12-24 wide open at f4 (most glass is sharper a couple of stops down from wide open). Also the DOF you will get with a 2.8 will be great for isolating things in an image. See bottom photo in this post for a 2.8 wide open example:

  5. Foto

    Thanks a lot for the input. I will probably look at the 11-16 once money situation gets a little better. That picture of yours with the ring in the hand turned out great btw

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