Focus shift

Up till now this site has been a place to write whatever I felt like writing whenever I felt like writing something, with the understanding that not many people would ever see it.  I have always had an interest in photography but it was never more than a hobby on the side. Lately, I have spent an increasing amount of time reading and learning from sites like and it has really sparked my interest to delve deeper into photography. So I have decided that, while I can obviously decide to stray from the subject occasionally, I would like to use this site as a way for those trying to learn as I am. I spend more time than I would like to admit researching and scouring the internet for the best resources, websites, and articles, and will try to post the best stuff of what I find elsewhere here for those who are interested. So take care, and hope to see you here again soon!

So if for some reason you haven’t been to yet (yeah right!), then go there now and check out the wealth of information available. especially the Lighting 101 stuff. David Hobby has done the photography community a great service by providing a resource like this to others to take advantage of. Be sure to join the Flickr group for as well, as there is alot of useful info passed around in the discussion group.


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