Walmart employee dies as shoppers rush to get deals

Black Friday is one of those days where you get to see just how ridiculous people can be. It is sad to see just how far people will go to get cheaper prices on stuff they don’t need. In a Long Island Walmart today, a crowd of about 200 busted down the doors and trampled an employee to death in their pursuit of low prices.  While watching a show last night about Black Friday  other such similar shopping specials, I saw grown men cry over Elmo dolls, and watched a woman wrestle a Cabbage Patch doll away from a crying girl, and a mob of people punching and fighting each other for a discount on a fridge. As for me, I am perfect happy staying home the day after Thanksgiving and just paying an extra 20% the next time I go out. I don’t have to deal with the crowds, won’t get trampled, won’t get caught on camera being a complete moron alongside of a ton of other materialistic morons, and can take comfort in knowing that I am not contributing to the madness just to save a few bucks. I hope that when the shoppers involved in the Long Island incident are enjoying their Black Friday deals, that they stop and think about the person who is now dead as a result of their need for low prices.


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