The Most Annoying Reviewers on YouTube

Today while looking for some reviews of a few games from Leapster, I ran across a reviewer called “kidconfidence” who does a ton of reviews on all types of games and products. I have never, ever seen someone with a worse delivery. If they were just bad at reading a cue card it would be one thing, but they actually lack the ability to speak correctly.  I am not a painter…so I don’t paint. I am not a pilot…so I am don’t fly planes. If I couldn’t speak correctly and could not deliver a presentation…I would not make a career out of doing video product reviews. So after this I ran across another horrible review and decided to make a list of the worst reviewers I run across and post them here for your  entertainment.

Kid Confidence ( there are 128 videos so watch as many as you can before you feel the need to rip your poor ears from your head)

Zara from Shiny Shiny (Some of her videos are worse than others, but judging by this video review of the Nikon D90, I doubt she has ever seen a camera in her life. If I didn’t know better I would have thought some crack addict swiped someone’s camera and was now trying to figure how it works.

I will add more as I find them but these two are all I can handle for now.


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